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December 7, 2012

Fiscal conservatives and SAWS

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SAWS is the acronym for the San Antonio Water System, which provides water and sewage services to the city of San Antonio.  Because SAWS reports to San Antonio’s City Council, it was in the news yesterday for asking the Council to approve a rate hike of 11.3%, which is needed to address sewage-overflow and water-shortage problems.   

In the past, I would briefly skim an article like this one.  Local issues like water and transportation don’t have the sex appeal of issues handled in Washington, D.C.  But for the past couple of months, I have considered running for the San Antonio City Council, and that would require a working knowledge of city fundamentals like this.

As I closely read the entire E-N article, I noticed that the 11.3% increase translates into $34 million a year.  Coincidentally, that this the same amount that the Council recently directed toward a new city program (Pre-K 4 SA) that is a luxury as compared to water, which is a necessity. 

How could any councilman who supported Pre-K 4 SA oppose spending money for water and sewage?  Actually, none of the big-spending councilmen have any objection to this spending either.  Instead, they limited their complaints to carping about the timing of the rate-hike request. 

Sounds like the San Antonio City Council needs more fiscal conservatives.


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