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December 29, 2012

Armed school guards

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Shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre, I was having a couple of drinks with one of my sons when he emotionally suggested to me that America should place armed guards in elementary schools.  My mind immediately went to the over-the-top security at airports, so I quickly rejected his idea as a maudlin product of a mind with one too many drinks.   Imagine my surprise a couple of days later when the president of the NRA made national news by calling for armed guards in elementary schools. 

Upon further reflection, the idea isn’t crazy.  Schools seem to have become targets for crazed gunmen, who predictably prefer using their guns at places where guns are outlawed.  America has security at so many places that adding elementary schools to the list should be no big thing.

But my vote on this issue remains, “no.”  Security in America is already too stringent for my taste.  I would prefer to return to a life with more freedom, even if it means slightly more risk.  Of course, my kids always criticized me for enjoying Sunday drives in “lawless” south San Antonio; and for going downtown at night; and for crossing the Rio Grande.


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