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January 1, 2013

Half-hearted resolutions

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As I was preparing to blog about my New Year’s resolutions for 2013, I decided to review my resolutions for 2012.  One of those resolutions was to find a political job:

  • Two of my three major concerns with 2011 were (a) my personal lack of productivity and (b) my diminished personal relationships.  I mention them together here because I think they can be solved together – through politics.  One of my principal interests in life is politics, and although I have concluded that I am not cut out to be a politician, I think I can serve in some sort of support capacity.  So in 2012, I intend to find a political job, probably as a volunteer for a politician or a cause/movement.  That sort of work will enable me not only to be productive, but also to connect on a personal level with other people.

Unfortunately, I failed to find a political job, but that failure was probably due to attempts that were only half-hearted.  During the year, I wrote to my two favorite local politicians – State Rep. Lyle Larsen and District 8 Councilman Reed Williams – and volunteered to work in their offices in either a policy or administrative position.  Larsen never responded, but Williams’ chief of staff brought me in for a positive interview in their district office, which lead to a follow-up interview with her and Williams at their city-hall office.  But inexplicably, nothing came of it, and I wasn’t inclined to push for an explanation.  My best guess is that I was blackballed by someone in my political past.  Although I am not paranoid, I have two experiences in life with being blackballed (i.e., someone anonymously and unfairly vetoing me from getting a position), and thus I accept it as a fact of life.

In addition to seeking positions with Larsen and Williams, I was also contacted personally by Susan Pamerleau to help her with her run for Bexar County Sheriff.  During a lengthy phone conversation, I told her that I would be happy to help her in any way that I could, except that I didn’t want to get involved in fund raising.  She never called me back.

I always preach to my kids that getting a rejection or two is not an excuse for failing.  I also often preach to parents that kids mostly do as you do, not as you say.  With that in mind, I think I will be a less half-hearted in finding a political job in 2013.


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