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January 12, 2013

Sunday Book Review #96 – Killing Kennedy

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Fox News talk-show host Bill O’Reilly surprised everyone by authoring a #1 best-seller in 2011 titled Killing Lincoln, which was #66 of my book reviews.  One year later, against all odds, he (and co-author Martin Dugard) has repeated his success with Killing Kennedy

Both books are highly readable and provide general-interest readers with a solid understanding of the people and their times.  Among the topics that O’Reilly incorporates into the Kennedy assassination are Vietnam, civil rights, the cold war, and the Mafia connection.  The LBJ-RFK feud also plays a huge role, with RFK portrayed as an immature, inexperienced attack dog and LBJ as an emasculated erstwhile titan. 

Coincidentally, I just finished reading the fourth volume Robert Caro’s LBJ biography titled The Passage of Power, and the contrast is stark.  Caro’s work on LBJ is comprehensive and contains more information on the Kennedy assassination than O’Reilly’s book on Kennedy.  O’Reilly’s book, along with being more superficial, also is more inclined to take subjective positions, which is the opposite of O’Reilly’s Fox News network, whose motto is, “We report, you decide.”

Killing Kennedy seems to idolize JFK as well as Jackie and Camelot.  Considering that O’Reilly is an Irish Catholic born in 1949, this sort of adulation is not surprising, but as a naturalized Texan, I take umbrage at his treatment of our native son LBJ. 

Despite O’Reilly’s hero-worship of JFK, I think he has done commendable work in describing an important part of American life in the early 60s. 




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