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January 14, 2013

Sonia Sotomayor on affirmative action

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Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor is making the media rounds to publicize her new book titled My Beloved World.  I caught her appearance Sunday on 60 minutes, during which she discussed being scarred by affirmative action.  The scarring occurred when her high school nurse asked her why she had been accepted by Princeton while the numbers #1 and #2 in her class had been rejected.  Apparently, the nurse thought that such a result was not right.  Sotomayor did not address the merits of the nurse’s concern, but instead said that such attitudes caused her to want to show naysayers that she was qualified.   

Later in the day, I went on-line and read an article in USA Today about Sotomayor’s book.  The article again discussed Sotomayor’s views on affirmative action:

  • But for her opportunities to attend Princeton and Yale Law School, Sotomayor is careful to credit the same affirmative action programs that her colleague on the court, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, has decried.  “I had no need to apologize that the look-wider, search-more affirmative action that Princeton and Yale practiced had opened doors for me,” she writes. “That was its purpose: to create the conditions whereby students from disadvantaged backgrounds could be brought to the starting line of a race many were unaware was even being run.”

I have one question and one observation for Sotomayor:

  1. Question: Whatever happened to #1 and #2 in your class, whose place in Princeton you took?  They deserve no apology from you, I guess.
  2. Observation: Affirmative action was not created to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds; it was designed to help students of color.

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