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January 14, 2013

Why is George P.G. Bush in the news again?

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Two months ago, I blogged about George P.G. Bush, Jeb’s oldest son, after news reports indicated with was planning to run for state-wide office in Texas, probably for State Land Commissioner.  In my blog, I indicated that Bush seemed like a fine young man, but I was concerned that he was an aristocrat who wanted to be a career politician.

This morning’s Express-News contained an extensive Associated Press article/interview on P.G. Bush that essentially rehashed the same information.  Accompanying the article was a large photo of P.G. golfing with Bush-43.  This unfair advantage of free, favorable publicity given to political aristocrats like him is a major reason why I generally root against these guys.  

The article contained several revealing comments from P.G.:

  1. On his job experience.  “Instead, he spoke of how his past experience as an asset manager would help him manage the Permanent Schools Fund, which pays for public education and is managed by the land commissioner. He also said his perspective as an Afghanistan war veteran will help him use the post to become a leader in veterans’ affairs.”  First, his experience as an asset manager is nominal.  Second, the job of Land Commissioner has nothing to do with veterans’ affairs, but it never hurts for an American politician to gratuitously mention status as a veteran.
  2. Running for governor instead.  “Some have speculated that Bush could challenge Perry for governor — and even if he doesn’t, what Perry decides will trigger political dominos falling.  Bush suggested he’d be willing to wait his turn politically rather than immediately seeking top positions coveted by others in the state GOP.  ‘We’ve said that we want to be team players in the party, providing a younger, fresher vision for our values,’ he said in the interview Friday.”  Seriously, which non-insane person would suggest that P.G. run for governor?  Team player?  Maybe Team Bush.
  3. Hispanic takeover of Texas.  “Bush’s mother Columba is from Mexico. Conservatives view George P. Bush on the ballot as a way to solidify support among Hispanics.  A Democrat has not won statewide office in Texas since 1994, but Hispanics tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic and accounted for two-thirds of Texas’ population growth over the last decade. Bush noted: ‘We’ll be majority Hispanic in six years.  I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that having a candidate of Hispanic origin, or someone who can speak Spanish, can automatically obtain these votes,’ Bush said of Hispanics. ‘Having said that, it’s important tactically to have candidates that understand issues of the community.’”  That sounds like talking out of both sides of the mouth or, in other words, like a politician.
  4. Discrimination against Hispanics in Texas.  “Bush’s mother has said that one of the reasons she and Jeb Bush left Texas for Florida in the 1970s was because she felt like she had experienced racism here. But George P. Bush said, ‘the way I view it, rather than an issue of discomfort, is economic opportunity.’    He said he didn’t think there was more intolerance toward Hispanics in Texas.  ‘Obviously, I think that issue exists wherever you go.  I don’t think it’s just unique here.” “  Huh, what does discomfort have to do with economic opportunity?  Columba’s comment sounds like Michelle Obama saying she had never been proud of America until it elected her husband?
  5. P.G. as an undeserving aristocrat?  “Bush said of trying to stand out among his famous political family, ‘It’s always been the thing of my grandmother to say, ‘Go out and make a name for yourself’ and that’s something that I’ve followed.’”  As I pointed out in my previous blog posting, Barbara Bush actually said, “Make a name for yourself, have a family, marry someone great, have some kids, buy a house, pay taxes, and do the things everyone also does instead of just running out and saying, ‘Hey, I’m the nephew of or the son of or the grandson of…‘.” 

Unfortunately, P.G. has decided to ignore Barbara’s sage advice.


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