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January 27, 2013

Comprehensive immigration reform in the offing

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According to the NY Times, a bipartisan group of six to nine U.S. senators (including Rubio and McCain) this Friday will propose comprehensive immigration reform.  Although the proposal will address what Senator Lindsey Graham calls the magnet for illegal immigration – i.e., porous border security, lax employer enforcement, and an inadequate system for temporary workers – the crux of the proposal will be what to do with the 12 million illegal immigrants in America.  As Senator Graham says, “How do you deal with the 12 million in a firm, fair way, realizing you can’t put them all in jail and they’re not all going to self-deport?”

I have previously suggested that a path to citizenship should be provided to those illegal immigrants who have been here so long that they have put down roots.  This result would be justified as analogous to the legal concept of adverse possession, which enables a person to claim ownership of real property if the original owner fails to kick the squatter off his property for an extended period of years.  It is not a stretch to say that America is partially culpable for allowing longstanding illegal immigrants to put down roots in this country and that it would be unfair after many years now to kick them out.   

Unfortunately, the Times article provides no hint of an answer to Graham’s question, although there is some talk of “having those who entered illegally go to the back of the line behind immigrants already waiting to enter the country legally, paying fines and back-taxes, and learning English.”  It does not, however, appear that the senators are going to distinguish between illegal immigrants based on their number of years here.  Rather, I suspect there will be no reason for any self-deportation and the only risk of government deportation will be to felons.  And citizenship, as opposed to legal residency, might be reserved for DREAMERs.

Add illegal immigration to the list of failed Republican positions.


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