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February 7, 2013

Briones continues to self-destruct

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Rolando Briones, the reputed City Council frontrunner in District 8, continues to self-destruct.  According to an article in the San Antonio Express-News today, Briones was fined by the state of Louisiana in 2011 for doing post-Katrina work without first securing an engineering license from the state.  Briones responded that the fine was the result of an innocent oversight.

This incident by itself might not be so bad, but the article reminded the readers of another incident that was also reported on a few days ago:

  • Briones has faced professional troubles before. In 2002, he was fired from his engineering job at the San Antonio Water System for “lack of leadership” and “willful violation of company policy.”

 And then for extra measure, the article layered Briones with some additional sleaziness by describing his business practice of claiming that his vast engineering business is co-located in places like New York City or New Orleans when, in fact, he only has post office boxes there. 

I’ve seen low-information, cynical voters overlook a lot of flaws in their politicians, but that doesn’t describe the voters of District 8.  I suspect they will gravitate to a conservative alternative.    



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