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February 16, 2013

Should the San Antonio City Council receive a full-time salary?

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Serving on the San Antonio City Council is supposed to be a voluntary, part-time position, with nominal pay of $20 per meeting attended, up to $3,000 a year.  An article in today’s San Antonio’s Express-News reported that some aspiring career politicians – i.e., Mayor Castro and Councilmen Rey Saldana and Diego Bernal – are laying the groundwork to increase that pay to an amount that would afford a reasonable standard of living. 

Unfortunately, the article, which was written by Josh Baugh, was terribly one-sided and included comments only from people in favor of full-time salaries for the Council.  A reader has to resort to the on-line commenters to see the arguments against the salaries:

  1. Work as a councilperson is supposed to be volunteer service, not a salaried occupation.
  2. If you can’t currently afford to perform the service with nominal pay, you should get your financial affairs in order and then volunteer to serve.

Although I appreciate the argument that councilpersons deserve to be paid for all they do, I think San Antonio is better off with the current system that has the councilperson making a significant financial sacrifice for a few years in return for the honor of being a councilperson.  A full-time salary would encourage career politicians, and no one wants that.


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