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February 21, 2013

Two issues with immigration reform

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The devil is in the details, and we aren’t hearing a lot of details about the comprehensive immigration reform – either the proposal in the U.S. Senate or the one being developed by the Obama administration.  Two details that I am especially interested in are the following:

  • Arrival deadline.  There has been no discussion about limiting the Path to Citizenship to long-term residents even though that makes a lot of sense.  Without a residency requirement, there could be a wave of illegal immigrations right before the effective date of the amnesty.  Of course, I’m assuming that any illegal immigrations after the effective date will be subject to deportation.  Incidentally, recent illegal immigrants, who are less able to make a humane-treatment argument, are much more likely to self-deport.
  • Law-abiding.  Everyone agrees that a criminal-background check needs to be completed before an illegal immigrant becomes eligible for a Path to Citizenship, but what sort of criminal record would disqualify someone.  Although I haven’t seen any details from the Senate’s Group of Eight, the White House has revealed its position – illegal immigrants would be disqualified if they were imprisoned for at least one year, or a total of 90 days for three or more crimes.  That is certainly generous to someone in America illegally – someone who is imprisoned twice for a total of eleven months will be allowed stay.  I can understand the rationale for generosity, but I can also understand the argument for having reasonably high standards for those we are inviting to join us as American citizens. 

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