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March 2, 2013

The campaign rolls on

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Mike Kueber’s blog is not receiving much attention lately because I have been so preoccupied with my City Council campaign.  My major focus has been thinking not only about the issues that come up during the debates/forums, but also about how to best communicate the significant differences between the other two candidates and me.  Even during my morning yoga practice, when my yogi warns everyone to leaves their worldly concerns outside the door, I find my attention drifting during a downward-facing dog to some policy position or debating argument.

Phase One of the campaign ended Friday, with an article in the Express-News today reporting that the filing period for City Council candidates had concluded.  Ten of the eleven positions will be contested, and despite complaints about the low pay ($20 a week), ten of the eleven incumbents are asking to serve two more years.  My District #8 is the only one where the incumbent decided that, after four years, he’d served enough.  Tomorrow there will be a drawing downtown to determine our order on the ballot, and I look forward to seeing the other 38 candidates.

As the campaign swings into high gear, there have been several additional debates/forums scheduled.  On Thursday March 7, the Oakland Estates people are hosting one, and a week later on March 14, the Crown Ridge Association is doing the same.  The Oak Meadow HOA is having an event on Tuesday, April 30, and my former home-away-from-home, Hills and Dales Ice House, has one scheduled for April 25, and I warned the organizers, the Hills and Dales and Red Robin Neighborhood Association, that I will expect to have a home-court advantage there.     

There is another debate that I initially accepted, but soon thereafter withdrew.  The Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association is hosting a debate on March 20th, with proposed topics of “affordable housing, funding of AAMHA projects, service-industry jobs, etc.”  I initially responded as follows to the event organizer Michael Shackelford:

  • Michael, thank you for the invitation.  Even after reviewing your website, my knowledge of your listed topics is almost nonexistent, so there is not much for me to debate.  But I will be interested in learning about these issues during the next two months.

The next day, it occurred to me that the best way to learn about the public-housing issues would be to receive a briefing from Shackelford, who is a special-projects manager for AAMHA.  So I emailed him the following:

  • Before this debate, perhaps it would be helpful to me if you and I met to discuss how the AAMHA relates to the City and what you want/need from your councilman.  Let me know if there is a good time that we could meet at a place of your convenience.  My schedule is usually wide-open most afternoons.

I was surprised when Shackelford responded that he didn’t have the time to meet, and even if he did, he thought that meeting with me would be unfair to the other candidates.  I disagreed and told him so:

  • Actually, Michael, I don’t understand how you providing me with a briefing on your organization conflicts with you putting on a fair debate.  Scratch me from your list of participants.

Oh, well, can’t please everyone.


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  1. in fredericksburg affordable housing means build an apartment complex in the middle of single family homes… it also means creating a crime center for the neighborhood…

    Comment by q — March 4, 2013 @ 1:12 am | Reply

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