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March 12, 2013

Campaign developments – more forums and negative ads

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As I prepare for a debate this Thursday at Crown Ridge and complete two candidate questionnaires – one from the Express-News and another from The League of Women Voters – invitations to additional events continue to roll in.  In addition to Crown Ridge, my schedule includes a meeting with the Express-News editorial board on March 27th and a forum at UTSA later that same night.  Then on April 16th, there are also two events.  The first is put on at Sonterra at 11:30 am by the local chapter of Certified Residential Specialists and later in the day at 6 pm there is an event by the residents of the Dominion.  And finally, there is a Hills & Dales debate on April 25th and an Oak Meadows forum on April 30th.  Early voting starts on April 29th.    I have been pleasantly surprised at the interest shown by a variety of community organizations in this election. 

I have already declined to attend a Public Housing debate after the organizer refused to brief me on what his organization’s issues are with the City, and I am probably going to decline an invitation from the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio (SDSA) to complete their questionnaire and attend their Candidate Forum this weekend on the 17th.  Based on their questionnaire, the SDSA wants a candidate who will support new ordinances relating to discrimination based on “real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” in public accommodations, housing, and city contracting.  In another question, they want such an ordinance directed at all employers doing business in San Antonio.  And of course, they want to know if I support the Council’s recent action to extend employees to same-sex couples.  While I am in favor of same-sex marriage, Texas doesn’t allow it and the Texas constitution might preclude the city from granting employee benefits to same-sex couples.  Plus they want the City to create a Human Rights Commission and provide LGBT training to all city employees.  Most of their positions are problematic, and it is probably not efficient for me at this time to determine if there are any that I can support, but I could decide to attend solely to learn more about their issues.  I will be interested to see if my liberal opponent Ron Nirenberg chooses to pursue the SDSA endorsement.

A questionnaire that I am highly likely to ignore recently came from the San Antonio AFL-CIO.  They want me to support a policy that would require all companies that do business with the City to pay a living wage ($11.08) plus health insurance and a pension.  And they want me to continue a policy of paying prevailing wages on city building projects.  Two questions indicated I should boycott Hyatt and a third wants me to oppose charter schools, while keeping neighborhood post offices open.  The AFL-CIO is doing 10-minute screening of candidates on Tuesday the 19th, and I see no reason to attend their screening or complete their questionnaire.  Artificially inflating compensation for public employment or public work is not something I support.  In general, I support capitalism over socialism, and I don’t think the AFL-CIO agrees.

The remaining event about which I’m uncertain is a Meet & Greet on April 6th at Woodridge.  I am disappointed that the candidates will not be allowed to speak, but rather will be given the opportunity to circulate for a couple of hours.  Although this would be an opportunity to pick up a few votes, I am not comfortable circulating in those situations.  We’ll see.

p.s., earlier this week, I received my first negative ad from, not surprisingly, Briones.  With a budget rumored to be $250k, and with a lot of Express-News baggage to overcome, he probably has concluded that he can’t prevail by simply saying good things about himself.  Instead he will have to do damage to his opposition, which he obviously thinks is Nirenberg, not me.  In his ad, Briones quotes from Nirenberg – “I will work to: Identify and stabilize valuable but troubled institutions to help them regain footing.”  Briones characterizes that statement as follows – “My opponent believes in City Hall backed bailouts.” 

I have made the same point about Nirenberg in our debates – i.e., despite his self-description as a fiscal conservative, he is in fact a big-spending liberal, as proved by his expansive support of the arts (which is a part of his job description at his current KLRU job) and defense of extravagent unionized city-employee contracts.  While I will continue to attack Nirenberg’s record at our debates, I plan to also argue that the voters of San Antonio don’t want Council races to become expensive mud fights.


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