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July 6, 2013

Saturday Night at the Movies #75 – Felicity (TV series Season One)

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This is a lot of talk in the media about people engaging in binge viewing of TV series on Netflix, and I recently have partaken of eight seasons of “24,” five seasons of Friday Night Lights,” and lastly a single season of “Revenge.”  After finishing “Revenge” last week, I concluded that this binge viewing was great and went looking for another TV series.

One that kept popping up on various lists was “Felicity.”  The Netflix description reads, “In this Emmy Award winner, Felicity Porter abandons her med school plans to follow her heart — and her crush, Ben — to a different college. Once there, she falls for another guy, establishing one of television’s most intriguing love triangles.”  Although the movie is characterized as a teen drama, I was drawn to it because its setting is a college in Manhattan.  I have been fascinated by Manhattan ever since college, and would have gone to law school there if NYU or Columbia Law had accepted me.

I decided to give it a try, and within a couple of episodes I was hooked.  Felicity is played by Keri Russell and although she is adorable, she is almost too perfect, a little too earnest and eager to please.  Four other excellent characters complete the ensemble.  “Felicity” might sound like a college version of “Friends,” but “Felicity” is a drama and the characters, at least in the first season, are heavily incestuous.  It might also sound like variation of “Friday Night Lights,” but FNL focused heavily on parenting while “Felicity” allows its young adults to work their way through problems with minimal parental involvement.

Although the storylines aren’t as well-developed as those on “24” or “FNL,” I love watching this teen drama because it examines in a serious way a series of relationship issues that kids coming of age must confront.  If I had been lucky enough to live in Manhattan, I would have loved to experience the way these kids are.

And I’m hopeful that the three remaining college years are as satisfying.

I give the TV show three and a half stars out of four.

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