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July 11, 2013

Saturday Night at the Moview #76 – Felicity (TV series, Seasons 2-4)

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I obviously haven’t been posting much in my blog, and this post reveals why.  On July 6, I posted about the first season of Felicity, the WB series in 1998.  Today, one week later, I am posting about the second, third, and fourth seasons (1999-2002).  That means I watched more than 60 episodes in a week, which has to qualify for serious binge viewing.

What prompted my binge?  My posting on Season One concluded with me giving the show three and a half stars, and the succeeding seasons kept getting better.  The characters (college kids trying to figure out life) and setting (Manhattan) are simply irresistible.

While searching the internet for trivia on the show, I stumbled across a website that reviewed the series a few years ago.  Although the website provided a great review, it criticized two things about the show that I thought were actually its strongest points.  The following was my self-explanatory response to the review:

  • Great review.  I just finished binging on all four seasons on Netflix and loved it.  My only quibble is with your two major criticisms – (1) Felicity’s waffling between Ben and Noel, and (2) the time travel.  I don’t think there was any waffling after Season One.  Although I had no idea who Felicity would go with that first summer, when she chose Ben, the die was forever cast.  Although Felicity naturally had a case of buyer’s remorse in the following Seasons, I thought it was genius for the writers to indulge that remorse by showing Felicity and the viewers through Its a Wonderful Life time travel that Ben for her was inevitable.  Obviously, I’m Team Ben, too.”

Four stars out of four.


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