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October 11, 2013

Media bias

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After returning from my road trip to North Dakota, I had a conversation with my favorite liberal, Mike Callen, about media bias.  Mike doesn’t believe the allegations that mainstream journalists are biased in favor of Democratic policy.  Instead, he believes the strong conservative bias of Fox News, which has become a news behemoth, outweighs the slight liberal bias of CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN.  Although MSNBC has a strong liberal bias, its lack of viewers renders it almost irrelevant to this discussion.

I disagree with Mike.  Because Fox and MSNBC are unabashedly partisan, they tend to attract like-minded viewers and serve to “preach to the choir.”  This minimizes their influence over those in the middle.  By contrast, the so-called mainstream media pretends to be unbiased and objective, which gives them credibility to Americans who aren’t partisan.  Fortunately, Americans are gradually learning the truth about liberal bias in the mainstream media and this will ultimately force the media to reform itself or join MSNBC as an irrelevancy.

p.s., I rarely listen to conservative talk radio because it is highly inefficient in delivering relevant information, but when I’m driving to and from North Dakota, there are not any more productive uses of my time.  During my recent return drive to Texas, Rush Limbaugh provided me with an object lesson in CNN’s liberal bias.  Rush played a clip from around 2006 during which Wolf Blitzer was almost apoplectic about George W. Bush’s approval rating dropping to 36%.  According to Wolf, this was clearly the public’s repudiation of Bush’s leadership, especially on foreign policy.

Fast-forward a few years, and Rush reports that a new AP poll shows President Obama’s approval rating just dropped to 37%.  Do any of the mainstream anchors report on this development?  Not a thing, even though you’d think Wolf Blitzer would be shamed into mentioning it.  At a minimum, this disparate treatment of Bush and Obama should cause Wolf and the mainstream media to do some soul-searching.


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