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October 24, 2013

ObamaCare – temporary glitch or systemic failure

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There has been much talk the past few days about the problems associated with the federal government’s ObamaCare exchanges.  This publicity suggests that public radio’s David Martin Davies was correct last week when he suggested that the TEA Party was shooting itself in the foot with its shut-down of the federal government.  According to Davis, the shut-down was distracting the public from ObamaCare’s embarrassing crash.  Now, with the shut-down over, there is no bigger story in America than the ObamaCare exchanges.

The initial debate seemed to have conservatives arguing in a knee-jerk fashion that the implementation failure was only an example of all that was wrong with ObamaCare, while the liberals countered that the problems with on-line implementation had nothing to do with the substance of the law.  Eventually, though, the debate has gravitated toward the real issue, which was the title of a pro-con op-ed piece in today’s SAEN:

On the side of temporary glitch is NY Times columnist Paul Krugman.  On the side of systemic failure is Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson.  Both Krugman’s and Gerson’s columns tend toward picking straw man arguments and then debunking them.  Near the end of Gerson’s column, however, he makes a broader point that resonates with me.  He refers to Friedrich Hayek’s point about a fundamental flaw of central planning, which is the inability to consider all of the relevant information.  By contrast, the free market has the marvelous ability to do just that.

And that is why ObamaCare needs to go away.

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