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October 31, 2013

Political correctness taken to a ridiculous extreme

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An article in today’s SAEN reported that a university executive in San Antonio had apologized for “unprofessional and inappropriate” language that he used in a private meeting.  The language was made public by an individual who surreptitiously and illegally taped the meeting and published it on You Tube.

According to the article, the OLLU miscreant uttered the following phrases:

  • In one recording, Bisking refers to a student as “the angry black woman.” In another, he refers to an employee, saying, “I’m having the brand-new African-American dean and Latino department chair tell the minority female, ‘You ain’t worth a (expletive).’”  He later adds, “I’m hoping she’ll quit.”

I provided the SAEN with the following online comment about the article:

  • What was the race-related comment – “angry black female” or “minority woman”?  Whichever, it could have just as easily been described as a race and gender-related comment.  Is it wrong to describe an individual as black or minority?  If so, then perhaps an individual shouldn’t be described as a man or woman, either.  This is an example of political correctness taken to a ridiculous extreme. 

P.S. The next day, this administrator resigned his administrative positions, while retaining his faculty position.

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