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November 5, 2013

Putting a face on abortion

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Abortion is almost always discussed in the abstract because almost no one is willing to be the face of abortion.  Even the most ardent advocate of abortion rights will express her personal opposition to aborting a fetus of hers.  That all changed today in the Express-News when an Austin woman complained loudly that her scheduled abortion had been cancelled at the last minute because of Texas’s new anti-abortion law had shut-down her abortion clinic.

According to the article, which was accompanied by a large close-up photograph, the seven-weeks’ pregnant Marni Evans was devastated:

  • This was my decision to make, but I am still pregnant today because that decision was taken away from me.”

The article went on to report, “(Marni) will use frequent-flier miles she had saved for their honeymoon to travel to Seattle this week to have the abortion, rather than try to start over with a new ultrasound and attempt to get an appointment at another Texas clinic.”

Aside from Evans’ willingness to publicize her planned abortion, the thing I found most surprising was Evans’ comment that she and her fiancé cannot afford health insurance, much less care for a child.  Both her insurance status and her ability to care for a child seem irrelevant to the article, but even conceding their relevance, they are highly dubious and the reporter should have insisted that Evans elaborate.  According to Evans’ website:

  • I believe in the power of continuous personal and professional development.  Trained as an architect, Marni Jade Evans, LEED AP BD + C, is a sustainability educator, consultant and mentor as founder of the Austin, TX based office.
  • With thirteen years of professional sustainability experience, Marni possesses a deep passion for transformation of the development industry, after a spiritual awakening led her to question conventional process and unsustainable patterns in the way we design and build today.
  • Her spark has ignited individuals and organizations to pursue deep green solutions – be it career transitions into sustainability or pursuit of the Living Building Challenge.

Does that sound like a person who cannot afford health insurance or care for a child?


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