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November 18, 2013

Seven facts about me

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There is a chain letter on Facebook asking friends to list a number of facts about themselves that most people don’t know.  I received a request earlier today from my yoga friend Alexis for seven facts.  I responded with the following:

1.  My parents had four boys and no girls, and I had four boys and no girls, and that explains why I know so little about women.

2.  I am tone deaf and rhythm-free, and that explains why I avoid the dance floor.

3.  My hometown had only 300 people and my high school class had only nine kids, and that explains why I was able to play basketball for the mighty Wildcats and win the high school Ping-Pong championship.

4.  While in high school, I feel in love with “Gone with the Wind” and considered changing my name to Rhett Ezekiel Bayou (REB).

5.  While in college in the early 70s, I was an anti-war socialist.

6.  I spent the winter between college and law school in El Cajon, CA working as a Pinkerton night watchman, during which I wrote a steamy 90-page screenplay that was summarily rejected by two movie producers;

7.  I hate to travel, but love spending time in Manhattan (and the outer boroughs).


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