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February 17, 2014

Sunday Book Review #124 – Unintimidated by Scott Walker

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Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin who became famous for presiding over the state when it took away collective bargaining from public-employee unions in 2011.  Unintimidated recounts that story from the genesis of the policy in Walker’s mind through the legislature’s adoption of it and finally to its ultimate survival despite several recall efforts.

According to Walker, this policy change ultimately prevailed, not because Wisconsinites disliked unions, but because the change enabled cash-strapped local government to effect billions of dollars of savings without any substantive reductions in services.  The book is replete with examples of wasteful spending and inefficiencies mandated by union contracts.

Although I followed the Wisconsin story as it occurred, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees, and a book like this is an excellent way to put things in a better perspective.

Of course, the book has a secondary purpose of depicting Walker as presidential timber, and in that sense, the book failed with me.  Although Walker appears competent, he comes across as simple-minded and lacking in charisma.  And his gratuitous criticism of the Romney campaign is irritating.

Scott Walker, you are no Mitt Romney.


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