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March 9, 2014

Joaquin Castro for Vice President?

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Surely the title of this post is jest, isn’t it?  How could anyone seriously consider Joaquin Castro as qualified for VP?  His skimpy qualifications include ten years in the Texas House, during which he had no legislative achievements, and one year in the U.S. House, during which he has no legislative achievements.  You can search high and low looking for something that Castro has accomplished in public office, and you will find nothing other than getting elected by modest numbers in heavily Hispanic, Democratic districts.

Yet, according to an article in the estimable Washington Post, one of the Castro twins is the third most likely politician to receive the Democratic nomination for VP in 2016:

  • The Castro brothers. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was introduced to the country to rave reviews when he keynoted the 2012 Democratic National Convention. His brother Joaquin serves in Congress. Viewed as two of the brightest rising stars in the party, the Castros, who are Mexican American, would have to be considered top choices for Clinton. Like Booker, they would add some youth and newness to the ticket. Plus, they are from Texas, which Democrats are trying to turn purple. And their Hispanic heritage makes them natural messengers to help the party grow its advantage over the GOP among Latino voters. Both are still relatively inexperienced at the national level. And Julian Castro might have his eye more on running for governor.

You can’t make this up.

Castro’s page on Facebook recently announced that he was appearing again this morning on This Week.  It seems that he appears on one of the Sunday morning shows every other week.  What I would love to know if how the mainstream media decides to anoint a callow politician as someone with promise.  Is it a subjective, gut feeling, or are there objective, rational criteria?

I would bet there is a herd mentality of liberal journalists who create a safe-harbor consensus for these ridiculous projections.


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