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March 13, 2014

Yoga practice jades a guy

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Yoga aficionados claim that regular practice helps them with strength, conditioning, tranquility, flexibility, and balance.  But my non-yoga activities already give me adequate strength and conditioning, and I’m already a tranquil guy.  So when friends ask me why I practice yoga so often, I tell them it is to improve my flexibility and balance.

But there is another reason – the women.

Nationwide, women comprise about 80% of yoga practices, and that number seems accurate for Lifetime Fitness in San Antonio, too.  But it is not just the quantity; it’s the quality.  I used to notice how tanning salons attracted such attractive women, but yoga studios seem to be even stronger beauty magnets.  In fact, the yoga women are so attractive that it is easy for guys to take them for granted.  Two examples of this occurred to me this week:

  1. Following a practice at Club 281, an extremely attractive woman introduced herself to me and said she had some questions for me.  Apparently she had been taking various practices for a few weeks in preparation to teaching, and she had noticed me at several of those classes and wanted to get my thoughts on those classes.  The shocking thing was that I had never noticed her in those classes.  I’m not the kind of guy to not notice an attractive, new woman, but there are so many attractive women in these classes that one more will usually not stand out.
  2. Following a practice at The Rim, I was visiting with the yogi about politics, and our conversation drifted onto a prominent older politician who had recently married a trophy bride, all well documented on Facebook.  As we were talking, a couple of women walked by and the yogi said hello.  As soon as they were gone, the yogi told me that, in an amazing coincidence, that was the trophy bride.  Aside from the coincidence, the shocking thing was that I had looked at the woman only briefly before returning my attention to the yogi.  The trophy bride in the context of a yoga class was just another woman.

Admittedly, women don’t look as good in exercise clothes as they do in tailored designer outfits, although they do wear colorful, shapely, revealing stuff.  And their make-up isn’t as professionally applied.  But I believe the dominant reason why I’m not noticing these uber-attractive women is that there are so many of them.

The outside world would probably consider three-fourths of the women in a class to be extremely attractive.  I’m like a photographer surrounded my swimsuit models.

Jaded is defined as “tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.”

After a while, they all look the same.



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