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May 14, 2014

An open letter to the I-Man

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Dear I-Man,

Dolly Parton was such a great guest today, not only with her singing, but also with her delightful interview.  But I’m afraid that she was so distracting that you totally screwed up your interview of Lanny Davis.

The interview started with you teasing Davis about being a crisis worm, but that doesn’t do justice to Davis’s reputation as the “lobbyist for despots.”  According to a 2010 article in the NY Times:

  • Since leaving the White House, Mr. Davis has built a client list that now includes coup supporters in Honduras, a dictator in Equatorial Guinea, for-profit colleges accused of exploiting students, and a company that dominates the manufacture of additives for infant formula. This month, he agreed to represent the Ivory Coast strongman whose claims to that country’s presidency have been condemned by the international community and may even set off a civil war.”

Despite Davis’s promiscuous resume, you allowed him to piously declare that he would not represent Donald Sterling.  According to him, Sterling has “no clue how bad he is and there is no crisis manager in the world who can help him other than a physician who would advise him mentally.”  How about pushing Davis to explain why third-world despots deserve representation, but Sterling doesn’t?

When you raised the issue of violated privacy, you actually led Lanny into excusing the violation because Sterling is not a private person, but rather owns an NBA team, “which is a public institution with a significant number of African-Americans.  He is a racist and a bigot….  He ought to just sell the team and be quiet and go off and be a bigot somewhere quietly.”  Normally, you don’t allow sanctimonious blowhards to pontificate on your show.

Immediately following his pontification, you segued to Monica Lewinsky, and Davis shockingly said that it is unfortunate to have to regurgitate this matter because “a lot of people made some very bad mistakes.  President Clinton publically owned up to his mistakes. We all have these types human weaknesses.  I just feel sorry that it’s back again.  I hope she’s able to move on with her life.”  Surely, there has never been anyone more set up to be knocked off his high horse.

In the span of a few minutes, Davis had argued that Sterling had no right to privacy because he owned an NBA team and because of the bigotry expressed in a private conversation, he should crawl into a hole and die.  By contrast, with respect to Bill Clinton, who procured oral sex from a young intern in the Oval Office, we should all forgive and forget.  Instead of blasting this bullshit out of the water, you meekly moved onto the next topic on your talking points – some crisis about an anti-gay Sultan owning a hotel in California.

We all have off days, and we can blame it on Dolly.

Here’s to better days ahead,


Mike Kueber

San Antonio


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