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July 5, 2014

Declining patriotism or creeping socialism

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According to an article in the NY Times on July 4, “Young Americans are less patriotic. At least in some ways.”  The article is based on a series of surveys taken by the American National Elections Study that reveal fewer Americans say they love America or that being American is a big part of who they are. Instead, more Americans express concern about unequal opportunity in America.

Leave it to the NY Times to suggest that this creeping socialism is a new form of patriotism:

  • In general, millennials have more appetite for egalitarian principles than older people. They may look less patriotic than the rest of America at first glance, but coming of age in the era of globalization and being a more racially diverse generation may simply mean that traditional symbols of American democracy hold less meaning for this cohort. Millennials may be less devoted to the symbols of America, but they are no less devoted to democratic ideals. A new patriotism in American may be rising.

Incidentally, patriotism means, “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.” I’m not sure how egalitarian principles qualify one for being a patriot.


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