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July 20, 2014

Saturday Night at the Movies #120 – The Americans, season one

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The Americans (2013) is a spy-drama series on FX. It stars Keri Russell, who previously played one of my favorite TV characters, Felicity. Her co-star is Matthew Rhys. Together, they play a couple of Russian spies planted in D.C. during the early 80s Reagan years. Their American counterpart is played Noah Emmerich, an FBI agent who happens to be their next-door neighbor. (This plot device reminds me of Walter and Stan in the iconic series, Breaking Bad.)

Although the setting of this show is the Cold War spying, the real story concerns relationships, especially the marriages of Russell-Rhys and Emmerich-Susan Misner. Not surprisingly, those marriages are strained with all of the extra-marital cavorting that is part of a spy’s job description.

I obtained DVDs for season one from Netflix, but season two, which concluded on TV on May 2014, will probably not be available until early 2015.  😦  Amazon Prime, however, has it for streaming, and I am tempted to buy season two now because according to the critics, although season one was excellent, season two was fantastic.

I agree that season one was excellent. Although the production was not at the level of the incomparable show 24,” its plot was more credible and its examination of relationships had more depth. Easily four stars out of four.



  1. Do it. Season Two is better!

    Comment by bobbevard — July 20, 2014 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  2. […] Americans is a spy-drama FX series set in the Cold War of the 80s. I previously blogged about how good Season One (2013) was (four stars out of four), and now I just finished watching […]

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