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October 18, 2014

Asian privilege

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My previous post concluded that Jon Stewart was correct in finding the existence of white privilege in America.  As I was cycling today, however, it occurred to me that in some sense Bill O’Reilly was also correct in saying that, if there is white privilege in America, there is also Asian privilege.  In fact, I have noticed that in my kids when in high school commenting that Asian kids were generally smarter and harder-working than non-Asians.  And I’ve heard anecdotal stories about white kids being disrespected because of their color when trying to play competitive basketball or football.

These are examples of past successes from your racial/ethnic predecessors that enure to the benefits of those who come later.  Likewise, past failures of your predecessors will hold you back.  Most people would be willing to accept this concept.  It’s just that when it is phrased as “white privilege,” a conservative opponent of affirmative action will feel an urge to resist.


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