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February 11, 2015

Scott Walker – future president?

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About a year ago, I blogged about Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s new book, called Unintimidated. In my blog I suggested that, although Walker appears competent, he comes across as simple-minded and lacking in charisma. Since that time, Walker’s presidential prospects have improved, and he is widely considered to be the leading Republican contender along with Jeb Bush.

As a leading conservative contender, you might that the liberal press would start attacking him, and you would be correct. Today’s Washington Post contained a long expose on Walker’s college and early post-college years. Two items that I found most interesting were:

  1. Walker never earned a degree and was apparently a mediocre student. Through the years, I’ve notice that politicians rarely release their college transcripts, and I assume this reluctance is based on poor performance in college. Why do people who do well in politics often fail to have the skillset needed to do well in college?
  2. Walker was a campus politician. Politicians often claim to be interested in public service (Walker does), but their history reveals that they pursue political positions, not because of public service (what possible public service is involved in student government?), but because it satisfies their ego. Although I try to avoid voting for politicians who start their career in high school or college, it is not easy to find candidates who didn’t start that early.

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