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March 15, 2015

The sombrero and mustache

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When lounging poolside yesterday, a friend and I talked about our experience 40 years ago with Greeks (fraternities and sororities) when we were going to school. If the recent SAE incident in OU is not an aberration, their conduct has not changed much. To my friend, I compared the Greeks to the British aristocrats whom I have been observing in Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess, Downton Abbey, etc.  Membership in their clubs was traditionally reserved for white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs), and only recently has more diversity been afforded.

As part of the ongoing coverage of the Greeks, the San Antonio Express-News this morning contained an article cataloguing Greek misbehavior in the past few years, ostensibly to show that the OU incident was not an aberration. One of the items listed was as follows:

  • The sorority Chi Omega closes its Penn State chapter, which had been on probation since December 2012 when a photo appearing on the Internet showed members wearing sombreros and fake mustaches and holding offensive signs.”

Coincidentally, my son, Bobby, and his wife, Heather, posted a Facebook photo from a military conference in Corpus Christi wearing a sombrero and fake mustache. I referred them to the article and added, “The PC police are everywhere, except the frontlines :).

Heather soon responded – “Well a Hispanic person placed those ‘costumes’ on us. But in all those who may be offended I have removed the photo.”

I had mixed feelings about mentioning the article to Heather and Bobby because I was torn between rejecting the PC or alerting them to it. Obviously, Heather took it as an alert, which is the only sensible thing for the wife of a young officer to do today.


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