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May 19, 2015

Is Hillary Clinton slimy?

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Recently Bill O’Reilly on his TV show was discussing Hillary Clinton with pundits Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams.  Their discussion was prompted by a report that since January 2014, Bill and Hillary Clinton had collected in excess of $25 million for giving 100 speeches (more than $250,000 a pop).

When a liberal friend of mine on Facebook defended Hillary, I commented the following:

  • Getting paid millions of dollars to speak to special-interest fat cats is not a respectable way for noble public servants to behave, IMO. Those fat cats expect a return on their investment because they know that the Clintons are still playing the game of influence.”

Mary Katharine, however, used more colorful language and characterizing Hillary as “slimy.”  Not surprisingly, mainstream O’Reilly was taken aback by her use of that term.  Me, too, even though Mary Katharine is a bit of a provocateur akin to Ann Coulter.

After the show, I decided to research the precise meaning of “slimy.”  According to Merriam-Webster – “very dishonest, bad, or immoral.”  According to The Free Dictionary – “morally repulsive, as in being dishonest or corrupt.”

When I googled to see if any other pundits online had connected Hillary to slime, I was not surprised to see that Mary Katharine had penned a column on the subject.  This is not the first time I’ve noticed that a TV pundit who seems to be extemporaneously pontificating with great eloquence on a subject is actually recapitulating a column that was written earlier.

But Mary Katharine wasn’t the only online pundit connecting Hillary to slime. Indeed, liberal columnist Maureen Dowd for the NY Times three months ago accused the Clintons of replacing their previous War Room with a Slime Room.

So, slimy is not a word that rolls of my tongue in civil conversation, but I think the Clinton’s money-grubbing conduct while they claim to be public servants is very bad and corrupt.

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