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May 22, 2015

Hate crime and racism

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Yesterday the DC police captured the man suspected of killing his rich former employer, along with the employer’s wife, 10-year-old child, and the family maid.  The story has been extensively reported for several days, but I haven’t read a single article indicating that the murdered family was white while the suspected murderer was a black.

By contrast, the deaths a black man at the hands of a white man are sensationalized in Sanford, Ferguson, Charleston, Baltimore, and Staten Island and the media speculates on why white people are killing young black males.  The U.S. Justice Department is called in to determine whether the incidents constitute a hate crime.  President Obama can be counted on to call for reflection on race in America and “teaching moments.”

The media also plays this sort of identity politics with Muslims.  A few weeks ago, the terrorist attack in Garland, TX by a couple of Muslims caused countless reports on Islam as the source of this terrorism and the Muslim people for failing to assimilate into America.

But when you have a young black man with a long criminal record murdering a white family, this is treated as a one-off.  No need to generalize or stereotype here.  There is no consideration of a hate crime here.  Ditto when a young black man with a long criminal record murders a cop in Brooklyn.  There is no rioting against this criminal culture.

The problem is that people have given up on inner city poverty and crime and have adopted a fortress mentality with a policy of containment implemented by the police.  I don’t see light at the end of this tunnel.

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  1. You can have a “Red Nose Day.”

    That will make people feel really good AND solve poverty…

    Wait: Is Red Nose a racist… nevermind.

    Comment by Bob Bevard — May 22, 2015 @ 1:55 pm | Reply

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