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January 16, 2013

Money in Texas politics

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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the outsize role that money is playing in races for San Antonio’s City Council.  Today’s edition of the San Antonio Express-News has so many articles on money in Texas politics that it makes me sick:

  1. George P. Bush, about whom I blogged a few days ago, has already raised $1.35 million even though he hasn’t even decided which office he will run for.  Because Texas has no limits on contributions, Bush was able to collect $50,000 from his dad Jeb and $50,000 from his uncle Bush-43; 449 contributions from 29 states, with 65% from TX and 26% from FL.   
  2. The Pre-K 4 SA initiative received $345,000 in contributions in the last few days before the election, mostly from HEB, and $30,000 from the Castro for Congress campaign.  The Castro contribution is shocking because that is federal money, which is limited to $2,500 per contributor.  But then again, it isn’t shocking because Joaquin Castro was not in a competitive race and therefore didn’t need the money.  And from his family’s perspective, the defeat of Pre-K 4 SA would have been devastating.   
  3. Attorney General Greg Abbott has accumulated an incredible $18 million, which some suspect is an indication that he plans to take on Governor Rick Perry, who has a mere $6 million.  Texans should wonder who is giving these people so much money, and what are these contributors expecting or receiving in return?  Incidentally, the House Speaker Strauss has $4 million and the Lt. Governor Dewhurst has a mere $2 million. 
  4. If these money articles weren’t enough, the front page of the Express-News is headlined with an article on the former deputy city manager, Pat DiGiovanni, receiving a letter of admonition for having a conflict of interest in approving a multi-million dollar contract to a business run by a person he was interviewing for a job with. 

I suddenly feel the need to take a shower.