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May 28, 2015

Ann Coulter strikes again

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Cassandra Lazenby, a local TV personality and Facebook friend, recently posted her outrage over a two-minute clip of Ann Coulter’s comments during an interview on Fusion TV with Jorge Ramos. Coulter is flacking her new book, Adios America.  Cassandra said:

  • Complete & utter ignorance. We need to stop giving bigots like this platforms to spew hatred & ignite racism. I cannot stand this woman and I’d guarantee most “American Anglo Women” don’t want her speaking on their behalf. (Myself included — I’m half Anglo & half Hispanic… What does that make me… Ann?) God bless Jorge Ramos for staying professional in that interview.

You might guess what Cassandra’s friends thought of Coulter.  The following are their unedited comments:

  • Rolando Medina fuck you stupid bitch. wow she is really stupid.
  • Roger Flores Wow.
  • Janie Hernandez Martinez Wow what a b#&@$!
  • Luis Munoz I’d be upset if I actually took her seriously. She’s just just a waste of good oxygen.
  • Tommy Gregory never heard of her, and already forgotten her.
  • Ron Davis wow,,,,,,,,,,! pendeja !, and she probably vacations in Cabo, has a latina housekeeper, gardener, and nanny,,,,,,,,I hope they pee in her coffee……….VIVA MEXICO !
  • Scottie C. Jackson The same “Anglo” culture that brought slaves to an inhabited land, killed the inhabitants and were in search of “freedom”?  When ignorance points a finger its own ugly is exposed.
  • Andrea Heisler Melcher When will this woman just go away?
  • Robert Rivard Amen.
  • Janie Hernandez Martinez This is what I would have told her when she said there is nothing I can tell you. Well your are going to piss of enough Mexicans that you are going to feel like YOU are in Syria lol just saying…
  • David Gonzales I take her as serious as I take a child when they tell their parents they hate them. She’s just a delusional crazy white lady who can’t stand the fact that America is as diverse as it is. I’d rather give Flavor Flav another show. That brotha doesn’t discriminate against anything lol
  • Selena Mejia You’ve got my blood boiling this am…we can never move forward with stereotypical assumptions around us. Let’s prove her wrong!  #FuelToTheFire
  • Ben N Hilda Salazar I bet any Sponsors that support her will drop her now or feel the rath of the Latin public…Please list the company’s that support her..so we can Ban these companies…
  • Jim Luna stupid bitch!!
  • Adam Morales Where does this stupid Bitch live…
  • Olica Garcia Wow.
  • Joe Enriquez Wow Ann… the last time I checked… America is 100% made up of immigrants from other counties. No different than the white Anglo settlers that came to North American from Great Britain, Ireland, Scottland, Germany, and many other predominantly Anglo…See More
  • Dina Majd She’s wearing a cross too. What an idiot. Middle Easterners are some of the kindest people. There are radicals in every country including USA. I’m curious why she’s such a hater. We aren’t better than everyone else bc we live in USA. We are just lucky we have the privilege to have freedom.
  • Joe Enriquez This woman is using her left wing prejudicy and hatred towards non-white people to make a name for herself. She has no business on TV or tabloids. She is a hipocrit and represents nothing but white supremacy, prejudicy and hatred coming out of her mouth. I don’t believe she represents today’s Anglo American majority. She is in her own little plastic bubble that just needs to be popped.
  • Blanca Hammond What an idiot and just as stupid are those that buy her book. Crazy woman has no clue that her ancestors were immigrant she is just ignorant !
  • Natalie Morales Jackson Can’t stand her!!
  • Irma Brunn She sounds stupid!
  • Martha Vergara Zurita What a dummey.
  • Rosanne Valdez Wow !!! I have never liked this woman. I hate talking negative about any woman trying to do her thing. But I am ashamed that she is called a woman a furthermore an American. She makes me sick
  • Melissa Uribe The ignorance of some people. And hello Ann the American culture? Is a mix of all the people who migrated to America! We are all immigrants unless she is full blooded Native American good luck with the argument.
  • Tanya Garza I am also Anglo and Hispanic…I would NEVER co-sign her ignorance and allow her to speak on my behalf!!
  • Amber Tamayo Such ignorance from this lady!! She should have been smacked on air!
  • Nate Aguilar Never seen this fired up side of yours cassandra… I must say I like it! As for this lady, she must not eat out cause who does she think is cooking her food!
  • John Palmer She is the the most ignorant person on earth.
  • Laura Soto Native Americans where here first, who crossed the ocean… Same people who’s ancestors killed and stole the land. Everyone is an emigrant, so unless your really pure suck it up leave your life and shut the hell up…
  • Joseph Acevedo Pendeja
  • Jackie Tristan Sotelo She is trying to sound smart & nothing,but crap is coming out of the hole on her ignorant face.
  • Richard Chacon Ann Coulter is right. You are more likely to be killed by Mexicans because barbacoa tacos taste too delicious. Damn you arteries!!!
  • Richard Chacon All i know is that lady needs an Enchilada plate with extra tortillas. Did you see the her toothpick legs?
  • VeroErniee Garcia I think the tanning bed got to her brain!
  • Buddy Howell she’s right….facts will always supersede opinions
  • Edgar Hector Villarreal Enough said!
  • David Garcia Wow is all I have to say
  • Pete Perez She’s an idiot. THIS IS WHERE ITS AT! https://youtu.be/h0EnAmUUzl
  • Buddy Miles Express – We’ve Got To Live Together
  • Manda Cass As an anglo woman, I definitely don’t want her speaking for me. She absolutely disgusts me.
  • Miguel Briones Ignorance at its finest
  • Mark Tilford What a freak.
  • Rick Kristin Navarro THE HELL WITH HER!!!!!!!
  • Braziel Jr C Breathe in breathe out
  • Will Dayoda True dat
  • ShaNito Reyes That’s a true nig right there, nuff said
  • Louie-Azalia Fernandez There will be a special place for her when she is gone !
  • Dallas Moore wow. I can’t believe she just tried to compare Mexican immigrants to the world’s worst terrorist organization. Obviously she doesn’t even know what the word “culture” means. Immigrants are simply seeking a better jobs and lifestyle. They’re not trying to wipe western civilization off the face of the earth. What an idiot.
  • Jim Lee Is this a Democrat coffee clutch tongue emoticon
  • Sylvia Ortiz What an ignorant bitch! People like her are keeping the hatred alive. She’s always talking out of her ass!
  • Paula Lovette McKoy  yep that’s all I got…
  • Laurie Butler Bouton She needs to rethink how she says things. Illegal immigrants are a huge threat to the welfare of this country and I believe they should all be deported, but comparing them to ISIS is ridiculous.
  • Joshua Holt wow
  • Enrique Serrano Louie-Azalia Fernandez take care of her please

So many comments; so little to say.  When I read comments to NY Times columns, I am regularly amazed at how deep many of the readers think and how good they are at articulating their thinking.  Suffice to say, Cassandra Lazenby’s Facebook friends don’t seem to enjoy as much exercising their critical thinking skills.  I attempted to create a little balance by posting the following comment:

  • Coulter is obviously a provocateur par excellence. Witness how many commenters called her ignorant or a bitch without saying anything substantive. As Toby Keith sang, “I know what I was feeling, but what was I thinking?” Coulter’s point is that America is being overrun by too many immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, who have values antithetical to American values or have no experience in how a working democracy functions. Most commenters don’t bother making a point. Laura Butler Boltin makes a good point, IMO, that comparing illegal Hispanic immigrants to ISIS is ridiculous.

I half expected commenters to turn on me, but no such thing happened.  The comments continued to be scathing, but nothing to refute anything Coulter said.

After posting my comment, I viewed the entire one-hour interview. Ramos and Coulter talked over each other a lot, but maintained their civility.  Ramos is Mexican-born, American-naturalized, so he was not in a strong position to counter Coulter’s full-throated attack on Mexico’s culture.

Ramos’s essential points were that (a) most immigrants are wonderful people and (b) America will benefit from increasing diversity until 2045, when minorities will become the majority.  Coulter’s main points were that (a) America is not becoming more diverse, but rather is becoming more Mexican (30% of legal immigrants and 60% of illegal immigrants), and (b) “the browning of America” is not a good thing because most of the illegal immigrants since 1970 are coming from “peasant cultures” (more Nigerians than English) and they are a drag on the American economy and way of life.

Coulter made several questionable assertions, including one that Teddy Kennedy assured Americans that his Immigration Bill of 1965 would not change the ethnic composition of America.  With some additional research, though, I found an article in the Christian Science Monitor that seems to confirm her Kennedy assertion:

  • The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs,” he said during the Senate debate. In retrospect, the mix of immigrants, legal and illegal, shifted dramatically in favor of Latin America and Asia – a fact that Kennedy, in later years, would attribute to illegal immigration.

Yes, Ann Coulter is provocative.  Guess I will add Adios America to my reading queue.

December 8, 2012

Joaquin Castro takes on Ann Coulter

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San Antonio’s newly-elected congressman, Joaquin Castro, took on conservative provocateur Ann Coulter on his Facebook page today by posting the following on his wall – “Why does the Republican Party continue to include Ann Coulter as a spokesperson for the Party?”  The post also included a link to a Huffington Post column titled, “Ann Coulter’s Outrageous Insult to Latinos.”

Before reading either the Huffington Post column or the Coulter column that prompted this diatribe, I read the 304 commenters.  Amazingly, the commenters said nothing about either column, but instead they merely spewed their venom toward Republicans in general and Coulter in specific.  The following is just a sampling:

  • I think it’s because their base supports her bigoted speech and believes the same things she espouses.
  • Because, they are the party of hate and intentional stupidity
  • she is a person i can hate!!
  • But forget about Hitler’s favorite woman, we gotta get you in the Senate and your brother in the governor’s office!!!
  • She and Rush represent a significant portion of opinion in the GOP—that’s why they are given time, a platform and lots of money. For spewing hate—let’s call it what it is—racist hatred, pure poison!
  • Because they are racist pigs!
  • The Jew in me says , keep making those statements. Anne is a bigot, a bitc- and will help the Democrats attract more people. I have always thought she was a dumb- bitc-.

After reading the comments, I read the columns and then posted the following comment to Joaquin’s post:

  • Ever heard of the kettle calling the pot black? It amazing how many friends of Joaquin’s seem to have nothing but hate for Coulter. I wonder how many bothered to read her column. Although it was certainly slanted, it was also fact-based and thought-provoking. How many commenters bothered to challenge any of her facts? None of the scores that I read. And with respect to slanted writing, I suspect that a fact-checker would conclude that the Huffington Post analysis of Coulter’s column was more slanted and misleading than Coulter’s column. And finally, Joaquin, you should know better than to suggest to your friends that Coulter is a spokesperson for the Republican Party. She has always been a far-right provocateur, not a party spokesperson. She might be called a rabble-rouser; please don’t you become one, too.

Regarding Coulter’s column, which is titled, “America Nears El Tipping Pointo,” I found it thought-provoking because it made some insights based on a 2012 voting analysis that I have not previously seen.  Although the media narrative is that Romney lost the woman, young, and minority vote, Coulter drills a little deeper and points out that Romney actually convincingly won the young white vote (54%-41%).  Thus, one could argue that Obama’s special connection is not with the young, but rather with the young minorities.

This insight on young voting is consistent with the better-known clarification on women voting.  Again the media, to fit its narrative, asserts that Romney had a gender gap with women, but by drilling deeper, the numbers reveal that Romney actual won the married-women vote, but lost badly to the single women.  It’s amazing how much different it is to say that Romney had a problem with women and the young instead of saying he had a problem with single women and young minorities.

The major part of Coulter’s column, however, focused on her concern that the Republican Party should not expect Hispanics, because of their hard-working and conservative values, to gravitate toward their party.  According to Coulter, America’s Hispanic population is neither hard-working nor conservative, and she uses a variety of statistics to support her claim:

  • In 1980, Hispanics were only 2 percent of the population, and they tended to be educated, skilled workers who got married, raised their children in two-parent families and sent their kids to college before they, too, got married and had kids. (In that order.) 
    That profile has nothing to do with recent Hispanic immigrants, who — because of phony “family reunification” rules — are the poorest of the world’s poor.  More than half of all babies born to Hispanic women today are illegitimate. As Heather MacDonald has shown, the birthrate of Hispanic women is twice that of the rest of the population, and their unwed birthrate is one and a half times that of blacks.


  • Charles Murray recently pointed out that — contrary to stereotype — Hispanics are less likely to be married, less likely to go to church, more supportive of gay marriage and less likely to call themselves “conservative” than other Americans.  Rather than being more hardworking than Americans, Hispanics actually work about the same as others, or, in the case of Hispanic women, less.

The Huffington Post column, by Roque Planas, tries to refute Coulter by presenting evidence that Hispanics are not lazy people excessively dependent on welfare.  As its principal evidence, it puts forward the following conclusion of a study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

  • Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 64 percent of the population in 2010 and received 69 percent of the entitlement benefits. In contrast, Hispanics made up 16 percent of the population but received 12 percent of the benefits, less than their proportionate share — likely because they are a younger population and also because immigrants, including many legal immigrants, are ineligible for various benefits.

Planas must not have expected his readers to read the entire paragraph because the last qualifier essentially negates all of the numbers that preceded it.  Further, the statistic refers to entitlements, most of which are at least partially earned, and says nothing about the non-entitlement welfare, including food stamps.

Planas also criticizes Coulter because, “She singles out immigrants from Latin America as particularly ‘nitwitty,’ saying they have too many babies out of wedlock, without citing a published source for the assertion.”  Well, Planas, why don’t you provide us a published source supporting your position?

As I noted in my comment to Joaquin Castro’s post, Coulter is a provocateur.  Furthermore, this discussion is obviously politically incorrect.  But as a practical matter, this is the sort of thing that politicians must consider when they think about cobbling together a coalition that will amount to a majority. 

Regarding the charge of racism, it wasn’t racist for mainstream Republicans to assert that Hispanics will gravitate to the party because of their hard-working conservative values.  Why should it be racist for Coulter to challenge that assertion be declaring that, based on statistics, Hispanics in America are not all that hard-working or conservative?