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April 23, 2011

Let’s hear it for the boys

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Last week, when I blogged about the new movie Atlas Shrugged, I noted that the villains were government bureaucrats and failing capitalists – the so-called “looters.”  Then yesterday, I saw a TV story reporting that, despite women purchasing 50% of all movie tickets in 2010, there was a dearth of women characters in the movies.  Instead of claiming blatant discrimination, the report suggested that the “content developers” were predominantly male and they naturally developed movies from their perspective.

What’s the connection between these two stories?  They both speak to the issue of diversity.  As everyone knows, diversity is an American political objective because (a) it is more fair and equitable, and (b) a diverse group will out-perform and out-produce a homogeneous group every time.  That’s a win-win proposition for America. 

Unfortunately, the facts do not support this political theory.  You will find robust diversity programs permeating every government bureaucracy and most failing capitalistic enterprises.  But two of the least diverse industries in America – movies and technology – are dominated by men, yet they consistently develop products that the people of the world are eager to buy.  America may have a huge trade deficit, but not in movies and technology.

As Ronald Reagan warned, there is a tendency to tax anything that moves; if it keeps moving, they regulate it; and finally if it stops moving, they subsidize it.   Let’s hope the looters keep their grubby hands of these crown jewels of America.