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January 19, 2014

Is Dee Dee McCarron a racist or the victim of a double standard?

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Earlier this week on Imus in the Morning, host Don Imus asked his in-house sport panel whether AJ McCarron’s mother was a racist for snarkily tweeting that Jameis Winston’s post-game comments seemed to be in some language other than English – “Am I listening to English?”  (She quickly deleted the tweet.)    Most of the panelists agreed that the comments, while not very generous, were probably due more to jealousy (sic – envy) than racism, but Imus and one panelist inferred racism.

As I scanned the internet on this issue, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most people, even journalists, have taken the position that McCarron’s comment might have been harsh or thoughtless, but it was not evidence of racism.   I am, however, disappointed in Imus’s judgment.  He is usually a thinking man with excellent common sense and good judgment.  In this instance, he even compared Winston’s inability to communicate to that of a NASCAR driver with a heavy southern accent, which Imus proceeded to imitate.  The obvious point is that no one considers it racist to make fun of the way NASCAR drivers talk.

I suspect that, ever since Imus was fired a few years back for joking about the rough and unattractive the Rutgers girl basketball players (mostly black), Imus no longer trusts his good judgment and common sense when dealing with matters of race and instead errs on the side of political correctness.