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January 27, 2014

Richard Sherman and Muhammad Ali

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The mainstream media has shifted into overdrive this weekend to defend Seattle’s thuggish Richard Sherman.  This morning, The Sports Reporters couldn’t have a lively discussion of Sherman because all of the reporters agreed that the prior condemnation of Sherman was excessive.  One of them (I think it was Jackie MacMullan) even compared Sherman to Muhammad Ali, one of the most revered persons in sport.

I might reluctantly concede that Ali is one of the most revered persons in sport, but any reverence has nothing to do with his brash boasting before the Sonny Liston fight or his arrogant put-downs of Smoking Joe Frazier.  Ali’s placement in the pantheon of sports stars is due to his religious anti-war stand.  It has nothing to do with his trash-talking.

Richard Sherman, you are nothing like Muhammad Ali.  Yet.