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October 29, 2014

The I-Man and casual banter

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I have previously blogged about Don Imus’s tendency to engage in casual banter with his guests and then not remembering the contents of the casual banter several weeks later when he re-interviews the same guests. I titled the post, Really Listening.

Well, the same thing happened this morning with an interview of Judge Andrew Napolitano. The I-Man started the interview by asking Napolitano is he was married, and Napolitano responded that Imus had asked the same question the last time the judge was on. Imus explained that he wouldn’t remember that information if the interview had been yesterday. In fact, before today’s interview, Imus said he had to ask his sidekick Bernie who the judge was.

The judge was taken aback by this unfamiliarity and complained that he had known Imus for more than 20 years. But Don pressed on:

  • Don – Have you ever been married?
  • Judge – No.
  • Don – Are you gay?
  • Judge – No comment.
  • Don – (after a long pause) Getting back to when you were fat….

Imus is one of the original shock jocks, so this exchange seemed natural. (His attitude – blunt and nonjudgmental – reminds me of Hank Moody in TV show Californication.) But the exchange is ironic because, although Imus is very open about supporting gay marriage, his old-fashioned, politically-incorrect mindset obviously is that most men who have never married are gay. Now that gay marriage has been legalized in so many states, it won’t be long before unmarried people will not be automatically suspected of being closet homosexuals.

Regarding Judge Napolitano, I googled a question about him and homosexuality, and there was nothing except a single bulletin-board posting noting that he is “widely known to be gay.”