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October 28, 2014

Sunday Book Review #149 – The Notebook

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A few weeks ago, I blogged about a fascinating movie, Pride & Prejudice. One of my best friends commented on the post by noting that his daughter had recommended the movie to him and he had enjoyed it so much that he also watched an earlier TV version produced by the BBC and he also read Jane Austen’s book. And that was all done while having a thriving law practice and working on his PhD in History at UT-Austin.

Despite my retired status, or because of it, there is no way that I am up to anything near that, but after thoroughly enjoying the movie, The Notebook, I decided to dig a little deeper by reading Nicholas Sparks’s book. While the book Pride & Prejudice is a literary classic converted into an enjoyable movie, the movie The Notebook is a film classic based on an enjoyable book based on a true story (Sparks’s wife’s grandparents). I was easily able to consume the 214 pages of light reading in a single day.

The storyline in the book is very similar to the movie, except that our heroes – Allie and Noah – are more artsy in the book (Allie the painter and Noah the poet) and lusty, and Allie’s dad is essentially absent from the book. Also, the movie’s opening Ferris Wheel scene, which is on a list of the 50 Most Romantic Movie Moments Of All Time, is missing from the book.

Although the writing was a bit sappy, I enjoyed spending some more time with this magical, lifelong love affair.